Where the Wind Blows – Behind the Lyrics

//Where the Wind Blows – Behind the Lyrics

Where the Wind Blows – Behind the Lyrics

I wanted Where the Wind Blows to be a little different lyrically than any other love song I had written before, so I thought I’d share with you the meaning behind each verse.

Originally, this song had three verses but I cut out the second to get to the chorus quicker.

The version you hear below is the unedited version.

This song was inspired by a few couples I am friends with who, in my opinion, are absolutely made for each other.

What I love about them and find so interesting is that each couple is unique and unlike the others.

I’ve read and heard so much about what it takes to make a relationship last, but aside from all the do’s and don’ts, I think what I’ve come to see as most vital is that the two individuals be best friends.

It sounds as simple as spelling the word “duh”, but it’s the truth I’ve seen evident in any relationship worth admiring.

So when I started writing this song, I wanted it to capture the simplicity of this truth while showing three things: dreaming together, living together, and dying together.

These would be the concepts behind each verse.

Verse 1:

Fall into the stars with me, darling

There’s a secret here we should keep

Just the two of us and the night sky

Drifting off, dancing out past the moon

Where we go, I don’t care when I’m with you

I thought the best way to show the idea of dreaming together would be to paint visuals of fantasy. I pictured two people laying on the beach at night staring up at the stars feeling like their relationship is a secret full of wonder only they can understand. They talk about the future and dream together about who they want to be and what they want to do with their lives. Gravity has no hold on them. They fall into the stars. They dance by the moon. They dream fearlessly.

Verse 2 (cut from final song):

I will hold you close in the winter

Chase you on the shore in the sun

There’s a secret here we’re a part of

I’m convinced only young love can find

Locked away in the fire of your eyes

This second verse is about living life together so I went with lyrics that showed more realistic situations.  It’s both a real life, physical experience and a metaphor for both sticking together when times are tough (the winter) and enjoying each other when it’s easy to do so (the sun). When I talk about young love, I’m not necessarily speaking about age, more so about the innocence that’s experienced in starting a new life with someone. 

Verse 3:

Fall into the sea with me, darling

There’s a treasure worth more than gold

Just the two of us diving deeper

Finding peace from the world up above

Rest with me on the ocean floor, my love 

This verse was hard at first because I wanted to talk about death but in a way that wouldn’t make the song dark or depressing. In order to keep it from sounding too sad, I went with pretty vague lyrics about the ocean which is obviously symbolic of their ashes being scattered at sea. I liked the idea of them calmly accepting death as just another step they would be taking together.

In between all of these verses, the chorus keeps repeating:

We know we’ve got a good thing here

No matter where the wind might blow

We know we’ve got each other, dear

No matter where the wind might blow

An unspoken truth these two know more than anything else.

Love as simple as “duh”.


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