Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2

//Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2

Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2

Hi friends,

I’m excited to announce that Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2 has officially begun with a new song called “Thunder”.

Part 1 of Sketchbook was written and recorded week to week and lyrically dealt with some very personal things I had been going though during that time, however, Part 2 will be a little different as I am also currently writing a new official full-length album simultaneously.  

I have very specific and different visions for the songs that will be on these two records and I’m excited for you to experience each in their own way. 

Regarding Sketchbook Part 2, this time I will be telling fictional stories lyrically and I’m excited to give you the background stories to each song so as to enhance your experience when listening. You can read about what inspired the lyrics for “Thunder” by clicking here.

Thank you so much for sticking with me and supporting The Workday Release. 

I have a lot of new music coming your way this year!

Much love,


Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2

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