Songs from a Sketchbook

//Songs from a Sketchbook

Songs from a Sketchbook

I’m really excited to announce a project I’ve been wanting to move forward on for The Workday Release called “Songs from a Sketchbook”. 

This collection of songs is about recording and releasing music exactly as I write it.

No heavy editing, no tuning the vocals (even if you don’t notice autotune, it’s almost always being used), no crazy effects, no over fixing of any kind.

It’s somewhat of a challenge for myself, actually. I obsess over the tiniest of details when it comes to what I create and I want to let go and let each song breathe and sound exactly as they would if we were sitting in a room together and I was playing them live.

My plan is to write, record & release one song a week for this collection for as long as possible.

The first song is called “001 The Last Time I Was Home” and is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more. 

I hope you enjoy it!

I’ll post a blog going into more detail about what inspired me to write it. 

It’s a heavy one.

Until 002,


*Dark Pacific is mostly finished and I’m confident it will be out very soon. Thanks for your patience regarding that record! 

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