Too old to dream / Too young to stop

//Too old to dream / Too young to stop

Too old to dream / Too young to stop

Age is a weird thing.

We all have a number and we’re all aware of these rules and expectations each number carries with it.

But really it’s all made up.


Kind of like the state lines. They’re not really there.  They’re not painted on the ground for us to see and even if they were, the lines would still be something we took seriously because we all looked down at them and decided to.

Now I’m in California…Now I’m in Arizona…Now I’m in California…Now I’m in Arizona.

Anyways, age interests me because it’s a fiction that really affects how we feel.

And like most fictions, whether or not we see them as such doesn’t really matter because we’ve been exposed to them for so long that we can’t really separate ourselves from their influence.

This last year was basically me choosing between ending The Workday Release or continuing on at least to the 10 year mark.



I don’t want to be the disillusioned musician who’s 40 and still thinking he’s going to make it big…

I also don’t want to be 40 looking back thinking, “Wow, I was so young, why did I give up on doing what I loved?”

Ya feel me?

If you asked me, “What would you need to have happen to feel successful and content?”, I’d probably list some things, and if I were to ask you the same question, you would probably list some things too.

I think the truth is, though, that even if we were to scratch them off our list, we’d just find new things to add next.

That’s the human thing in all of us.

We’re constantly charging forward in pursuit of something we’re certain will make us feel content.

Sometimes you read the right book, see the right video, or have the right conversation and suddenly feel renewed and inspired.

Recently, I experienced that refreshing perspective in a few ways and was able to redevote myself to doing what I love while appreciating what I have already accomplished.

Right now I’m working at two different restaurants seven days a week so that I can afford to turn The Workday Release into what I want it to be.

I’m tired, but I also feel like this is what my twenties are for.  I want to look back and be able to say confidently that I gave 100% of myself to pursuing a passion of mine.

I hope at some point it becomes my only career.

I hope at some point I can be on the road touring full time.

I hope at some point I can release a 6th, 7th, 8th record.

I want this.

But for now, I’m learning to be content with where I’m at, work hard, and not feel intimidated by a number.

Here’s to enjoying the journey at any number…


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