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the workday release to the beginning


Released in 2009


I had no idea what I was doing when I started The Workday Release. I remember coming up with the band name in my high school senior art class and thinking it was so cool. I didn’t have one song written but I had a band name.

After graduation, I started writing songs with no specific or cohesive direction in mind. I had only ever played drums before in bands with friends. I did sing at my local church on Sunday mornings, but writing and performing original music was completely new and experimental for me.

If you’ve heard of Myspace, then you know this kind of experimentation was easy and empowering. I started The Workday Release with one demo on Myspace and that’s really how a lot of bands started in 2005-2008. Back then, one decent song could attract a good following for an artist.

What I remember most about To the Beginning was that feeling every young artist has when they’re making their first record. I wanted to play all of the instruments, which I did, except for having my friend Chris play some guitar parts. I remember the songs coming together and how it felt hearing those first finished mixes.

Even back then I thought the album was all over the place style-wise. I figured I’d pick a sound and settle into it later. I find this amusing now, because 60 plus songs later, I still think this project has no definitive sound and I’ve come to enjoy that aspect of it quite a bit.

My favorite track on To the Beginning: If Only This Ship Were a Plane

I tracked this entire song myself in one day at a studio in Fullerton, CA and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. I remember feeling so confident in what I was creating throughout the whole process and so proud of the final product. (Still love my drum fill at 1:53).