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Released in 2016


When it comes to my official albums, I tend to obsess over every detail. Songs from a Sketchbook is an ongoing collection of music that’s all about minimal production and resisting the urge to fix every imperfection in my performance.

I record these songs with my friend Jared in his house. It takes about 2 hours. We drink coffee. I play him the song. We track the acoustic, track the vocal, make minimal adjustments and bounce it.

It’s been a really satisfying way for me to be spontaneous with music. I write a song and a couple days later, it’s out.

Each part of this collection is separated into 10 songs that have a common concept.

I wrote Part 1 while experiencing serious depression and anxiety and I really feel like I wrote myself out of that place. The first song “The Last Time I Was Home” is super sad and the last song “Blue Skies” is super hopeful.

Part 2, which I’m in the middle of now, tells fictional stories centered around a theme of isolation. You can read about what inspired each Songs from a Sketchbook track over on my blog.

My favorite track from Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt 1: Sunlight

Sunlight is my favorite song I’ve ever written. I had been dealing with so much darkness and depression and I remember the morning I woke up and felt different. I grabbed my acoustic and wrote this song in maybe 30 minutes. Every time I sing it at shows, I feel exactly how I did that morning. It’s such an overwhelming experience, I can never play or sing the song well. Sorry!

My favorite track from Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt 2: Thunder

This song tells the story of an outlaw in the wild west who, while on the run, falls in love with a woman he meets in a town. The happier he becomes with her, the guiltier he feels because of all the horrible crimes he’s committed. He ends up leaving her and condemning himself to a life of aimless wandering because he believes that’s what he deserves.

It’s a pretty sad song but I’m really proud of the lyrics I wrote and I get sucked into the story every time I sing it live.