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Released in 2010


Farther from Familiar is a 6-song EP that was written as The Workday Release but re-released under the name The Wandering Tree. This is because the record was co-written equally by multiple members and we wanted the band to be able to have its own sound and identity separate from The Workday Release which would remain a solo project for myself.

While The Wandering Tree is no longer active, I’m still good friends with the members it was made up of and adore what we created together.

Farther from Familiar is a concept record based on a parable I read about a boy named Ordinary who lives in a town called Familiar. The people in Ordinary’s town are Nobodies and he’s inspired to leave and become a Somebody by leaving Familiar, navigating Wastelands and defeating Giants in unfamiliar places.

The EP is made up of 6 songs that chronicle Ordinary’s journey from start to finish through ambient rock music.

I loved writing this record with my friends and I loved playing it live with them even more.

My favorite track on Farther from Familiar: Await the Sun

This song builds to a climax full of inspirational string arrangements that still make me emotional. I remember going to the studio to watch four musicians I didn’t know track the parts together as one and being blown away.