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Released in 2017


After City Lights, I had to start fresh and sort of deconstruct myself as an artist. I spent a lot of time at my piano playing simple, sad melodies and found it pretty therapeutic.

I realized during this time that sitting at the piano was where I felt most at rest. I experienced a similar feeling while driving up pacific coast highway late at night. It was like a heavy, nostalgic atmosphere of melancholy. I lived in that feeling for about a month and wrote Dark Pacific.

I love this album for so many reasons.

Warren Huart and I tracked the whole thing in one day. I went back and forth from a grand piano to a vocal booth for 9 hours. I can totally tell which song I sang first and which song I sang last.

Quite often, I hear people saying, “I wish such and such song had a beat” or “This song would be so good with such and such instrumentation.”

It was always makes me laugh a little because all I want to say back is, “Then you don’t get the album.”

It sounds like the most pretentious artist thing ever and I know people aren’t trying to offend me or the music when they say it.

But I do feel like that album is exactly what it’s supposed to be. I’m asking people to step into each song and listen to the lyrics, experience that lacking feeling, and lose themselves in that heavy, nostalgic atmosphere of melancholy.

When I released Dark Pacific, I asked specifically for people to go listen to the album alone somewhere in their car at night and I love the messages I received from the people who did.

My favorite track on Dark Pacific: California

If you listen to the lyrics of California, it sounds like a break up song. I actually wrote it about ending The Workday Release and wanting so desperately to be understood and remembered by the people who had been listening. Writing California really helped me process a lot of insecure feelings I had about myself as a songwriter, so in that way I don’t return to those same feelings when I hear it or perform it now. However, it’s still my favorite track on Dark Pacific because of how the vocal follows the piano melody.