WAITING FOR YOU LYRICS 2018-03-02T02:27:02+00:00


Girl, you’re changing my mind
Simply by the way you look in my eyes
It’s clear that spring romance is upon us
And I couldn’t want anyone but you

Boy, I love how you sing to draw me in towards you
You’ve got me dancing under the moon
I don’t know much but there’s one thing I do
I miss you whenever you’re not here

Now I’ve found everything is brighter
With you, love, with you, my love
So stand tall, and sing a little louder

Tell me what comes after this first glance
Cause baby, I can’t wait anymore
Oh how I missed you for so long
And didn’t even know who you were
And I can’t be patient knowing this time it’s not another story that ends

So tell me how many nights did you see my face
Like a shadow in your mind
Knowing that ache, but never my name

To find you and look in your eyes
Was all that I sang for
Baby, you found me
You’re my sweet sounding harmony
I’ve been waiting for you

I’ll keep on dancing, love
If it means you’ll stay and sing the night away with me
Cause this sweet enduring song is what I hear when I look in your eyes