THE WAYSIDE LYRICS 2018-03-02T02:19:05+00:00


I know what you’re feeling
Deep in your bones
You’re tired of waiting and fighting alone
And hearing that time will fix it all
Could send your fist right through a wall
It’s harder at night

You’ll wake in the morning
And still it will hurt
For all of the heartache
We haven’t a cure
But maybe there’s healing to be found
Within your favorite record’s sound

Sing it again
There’s no need to fake it
All this pretending keeps you on the floor
Sing it again
There’s no need to fake it
If you keep hiding, you’ll never see the stars
Sing it again

Maybe tomorrow
The light will replace all of the darkness
And you can escape
Run from the teeth of shattered love
But only once you’ve had enough

You feel it
The sun’s coming out
And all the hell you went through
All the time spent on the ground is over for now