THE SOUND OF GRACE LYRICS 2018-03-05T21:27:59+00:00


This sound reminds me of the grace
I forget too soon
Cause I’m quick to assume
That the clouds will clear on their own
When I know it’s the sun shining through

Look left to right
I assure you the hope that you’re seeking
Will only take pursuing to find
Patience now
Our mind so relentless
Yet afraid of what lies underneath

The waves are crashing down around me
I’m finding that bravery is measured by faith
Take a bow
The curtain is closing
But you’re busy selling lies to the crowd

We seem so strong
Presenting every fear as a joke
When we know that our darkness is real
Who needs the light
Our performance is better without

I need to find something to pull me back down
From way up here nothing is as clear as it should be

Colors they fade as winter claims our breath
When summer comes I’ll speak new truth
For now my lips are frozen blue

My eyes are open
Brand new light casts a shadow against the sky