SUNRISE SMILE LYRICS 2018-03-05T21:26:52+00:00


I was sittin back relaxin taking a moment to collect myself
These are the words that fill my mind
She had brown hair, blue eyes, a smile to match the sunrise
Beauty was always on her side

Don’t take a second to think about the way you look
Cause if she comes a walkin time will steal her quickly like a crook
Make a move, real smooth, now she’s laughin
Real good now it’s time to get to dancing

Candle light dinner and a movie
Snuggled up on the couch now we’re getting cozy
Lean in, hold back, don’t you dare miss
Here comes the magic of our first kiss

Don’t take a second to open up your eyes or move
Cause in the moment there’s nothing to do
But be captured by the way she looks and feels
Don’t take for granted all the words of love she’s whispering
In early august where will they be when growing up is closing in

Six months forward now everything is going down
Headed off for college, holding on tight to what they’re afraid to lose
Blue eyes have faded to grey
And what my dear is left to say but “I’ll miss you”

Summer brings such tragic endings
If we could only stop this heartache and just move on
Memories of night time dancing
Best of which when we end up laughing
Remember me

New eyes have caught her smile and now it’s time it’s been a while
Time has stolen her away
A new day, a new life is born
And with the fresh is the memory of the torn

We’ll go on living in spite of what has come to pass
And in the morning, we wont’ have to ask these questions, no, we’ll already know
We’re on our knees praying to the Lord above
Build me stronger and make me ready for the next I find love