SIMPLE DISTANCE LYRICS 2018-03-02T02:27:53+00:00


You seem unsure of yourself
Standing off to the side
Your eyes shining brightly towards me
Tell me who broke your heart
And left you all on your own
With a view of love still fading
We’ve got to figure this out
Why, in every town, the sky is falling
In and all around us
Could it be you and I are the ones to blame?

At times we know which way the wind is leading
It calls us in with a swift, cool breeze
And passing through our lungs
Fills our chest with a new beat
To shrug off the darkness beneath our feet

And what of romance?
Is it worth pursuing?
When even the right ones end being wrong
It seems we’ve made a mess of what’s more than a feeling
Oh my God, does it break your heart?

The distance here is growing
And we’re in danger of missing what good is left
The ones who stay while knowing
Just what an awful mess we can be

So what if change is simply looking forward and letting go
Of what doors have been closed
Maybe courage lies in moving on
Even though your fear begs not to

The distance here is growing
And I’m afraid that the memory of your kiss
Will be enough to stop me