MEANT TO BE LYRICS 2018-03-01T22:57:53+00:00


You call out the best in me
When all I see is misery
If the songs I sing are make believe, I’m sorry
I’m sorry that it can’t be so
But I don’t think I’ve ever known
What it means to be the me I’m selling

So hold me close and don’t let go
Cause when I’m with you I feel at home
It took some time but now I know I need you

And maybe if you feel the same
You and I can dare to dream
See what doesn’t work and try to fix it

It’s not in the stars
But we make it look like we’re meant to be
It’s not in the stars
But we can’t deny all that’s in between
It’s not in the stars but we’re meant to be

I call out the brave in you
Even when the fears you face are true
Even when you think you’re gonna lose
Stay beside you

I’ll hold you close and won’t let go
I’ll be here so you won’t feel alone
It’ll take some time but then you’ll know you’re worth it

And maybe you can do the same?
When I’m feeling low or too afraid
See what doesn’t work and try to fix it

It’s all a mess, I know it’s fiction
I’m well aware how hard it is to stay
But I know there’s no denying
The way it feels to fall in love with you