HONEST AIR LYRICS 2018-03-01T22:58:55+00:00


I’m open to your thoughts
I’m feeling desperate
Tell me that I’m safe and hold me close
With you I see the purest shade of my heart
There’s no need to be fake at all

I hear you say it’s not about the answers
“Don’t be afraid, the questions lead to light”
But I feel in constant fall
And the wonder of it all is that it’s lovely

And I see a different side of who you are each time
I assume I’ve seen it all
And I feel deep within an honest breath of air
Fill my lungs convincing me I’m loved

If ever there existed words with which my soul could heal
I would sing them all night long
But my tongue is tied
I’m sure of this
No loving God forgive a wicked man like me
And even when I find myself the subject of his grace
Can I receive such sweet mercy?

but I can hear them clearly calling out my name
Singing Come there’s life to be found
And how I’ve ached to leave the depths of rotting hell
To escape and reach the golden sea

Tearing through the noise of the crowd and my own voice I hear it
Something beautiful bigger than the God we had made
Brighter than the sun not a single one of us could have known it
What foolish men we are