FALL APART – LIVE ACOUSTIC LYRICS 2018-03-02T02:28:19+00:00


I fear I might never see you clearly
That you’ll remain faceless in my dreams
And all the while I’m powerless to find you
And I wonder if you sing about me too

My eyes are wide
Searching through the shifting crowd
In hopes that I can lift you out
But soon I’ll leave knowing with stone cold certainty
That I miss you more than I did the day before

I’m anxious in my heart
How I long to fall apart resting in your arms
My dearest love
And on that far off day
When I see you face to face
The drums will sound off in my chest

I won’t care at all if the world thinks I’ve lost my mind
I’ll be glad if I lose my sight but find my heart
So hurry love cause honestly I’ve had enough
Dreaming of your gentle touch
Come wake me up