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She said this and that
But I don’t know who to believe
When happy endings don’t have a beginning to depart from
Tell me another story about the clock in the city that’s burning
Midnight starts the early morning
Don’t take a break till you hear what’s coming

Dragons are breathing fire
Fantasy brings its own desires
Don’t get lost in the conflict
Heavy breathing seems to bring on the moment
Kiss her and breathe in lightly
Oh, this can be quite frightening
This night is quite astounding

Nobody’s going to sleep without hoping
To dream about that special someone
Or maybe to finally find one
Lay back your head
Against that pillow that you’ve missed
Worries have finally faded
Into the world you’ve created

Who knows what to believe in
This world is filled with deception
Honesty is a rare occassion
Don’t pass it by if you know what’s coming
Sit back, calm down, relax
Who knows how long this can last till it’s over

Oh, I might start dancin’
Whether or not this heart is beating
Move it forward
And take it one step closer
Take it back now and do it all over