DOWN AT THE BOTTOM LYRICS 2018-03-01T22:58:17+00:00


I’ve tried so hard a thousand times to cross the river
My legs give out, I’m swept away, into the deep
I force myself to try again but every time I drown
I feel the weight, I start to bend

And who am I to think that I
Could survive in the water, survive in the water
I sink down, down, down to the bottom
And I shout but it’s quiet at the bottom

Come greet the dark, forget the light
I hear them whisper
“It’s peaceful here, no dreams in sight, there is no failure”
“Just close your eyes and go to sleep”
“Let your breath go”
It’s all a lie they don’t believe
But I’m so tired

Are we out of time or just too weak
To wake ourselves from a safer sleep