DAMAGES LYRICS 2018-03-02T02:17:41+00:00


I’m caught up in the worst of it
Struggling to stand against the wind
And circling the deep abyss
Hoping to escape before I’m lost
And I can see the light is fading
Burning out and time is thin
Don’t count me with the damages just yet
I know that I have fire left

Don’t think about what’s caving in
The only way to build is patiently
And focusing on piece by piece
When everything is falling apart right from the start
who wants to keep on moving?
The ones who do, see the light as something new
So make up your mind and how hard you’ll try

Before the world starts fading out and I hit the ground
I hope to know it was worth it
Inside I think I might just lose my mind
But I hope to God it was worth it
Should I believe I can make it out and recover?
I hope to God it was worth it

I sway between the cost of both
To push ahead or save what I have left
And it leaves me standing motionless
Afraid that I’ll be missing a chance or filled with regret
It’s a line I’m faced with and I’m the one to blame
And I find myself, wondering if I can change

I can’t force my lungs to breathe like they used to