AWAIT THE SUN LYRICS 2018-03-05T21:31:51+00:00


I’ve been awaiting the sunrise
To open up my eyes
To see what you have
What you have for me

But still I am drowning
In a scene of lies
Whether to compromise myself

But despite who we could be
We’re still waiting
For strength to appear
[Oh God, I’ve lost myself again]
I’m done with this fear

Love, forgive me
I left you for the flesh
Faith, believe you me
My word is not a waste

I left my boat in haste to meet you

We’re sure of what we cannot see
We push on through this wasteland
Without it there’s no victory
This unfamiliar tune is now our song

I’m alive

I admit it seemed as though the life
Had left my eyes
But here I am once again alive