ANYTHING BUT LOVING LYRICS 2018-03-05T21:25:40+00:00


Come a little closer
Don’t be scared
Just listen to my voice
and let the music take you in
forget about the noise
You’re falling deeper down into a quiet place
Let’s take a moment now to put aside the stressful race

In our daily lives we hardly ever find the time
To take a moment to notice the world that’s passing by
So let this be a warning to everyone with ears
Kiss goodbye wasting time
Let’s get to dancing

Baby, maybe you’re shaking
Maybe the walls are closing in
And you know the clock is ticking
Time to move, time to prove
That we can be
Stronger than we let ourselves believe

Can you help me?
It’s in this misery I’m falling
At times this wicked world is anything but loving
Take your eyes off the mirror for just a moment
Look around at this town
It’s time to prove our God

And I’ll open up your eyes to see
What this brand new heart is seeking
To break through all this apathy