Dark Pacific OUT NOW!

//Dark Pacific OUT NOW!

Dark Pacific OUT NOW!


The Workday Release’s new album Dark Pacific is out now on iTunesAmazonGoogle PlaySpotifyApple MusicSoundcloudYouTube and many other digital platforms!

I am so excited for you to finally have these songs.

A little about the record itself…

I wrote these songs in November of 2015. That’s over a year ago! Since then, I released Songs from a Sketchbook Pt. 1 and even started writing part of Songs from a Sketchbook Pt. 2. Each record has been unique to itself and represented a different side of who I am as an individual and as an artist. I enjoy the big production of City Lights as much as the stripped down approach to Songs from a Sketchbook.

Musically, Dark Pacific was about capturing a certain feeling I have while sitting at the piano alone. This was the goal first and foremost. Each song is made up of vocal, piano and some ambient guitar in the background. Anything less and anything more would, in my opinion, betray the vision I had while writing this record. Lyrically, this record was about committing myself to being extremely vulnerable. The name Dark Pacific is a reference to the depths of the self. While writing this record, I was struggling immensely with feelings of isolation and my perspective of morality. Songwriting is an artistic process but also a completely safe place for me to wrestle with difficult things. 

I’m really proud of these songs. If you want to experience them the way I intended for them to be heard, get in a car late at night, either by yourself or with a few friends, and listen to it while driving. 

I hope you find something beautiful in each song.

Whatever your thoughts are on Dark Pacific, I want to hear them. Feel free to reach out to me here or on social media.

I look forward to it! 

Much love,


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