Dark Pacific – Live Stream Event (What/When/Where/How)

//Dark Pacific – Live Stream Event (What/When/Where/How)

Dark Pacific – Live Stream Event (What/When/Where/How)

Hi friends,

We’re only 9 days away from making The Workday Release’s next record Dark Pacific!

Here’s everything you need to know…

On Friday April 22nd, I will be live streaming the making of Dark Pacific with producer Warren Huart.  Warren has produced albums for The Fray, Aerosmith, James Blunt, Augustana and produced my last record City Lights.

The live stream will begin around 12pm PT, assuming everything is running smoothly. If there are any complications or delays, I will let you know via twitter(@workdayrelease).

The live stream will be hosted at https://theworkdayrelease.com/darkpacific which you can visit starting nowOriginally, the page was going to require a password to watch the live stream but I decided against it

There is a place below the stream to post comments & questions and we will do our best to respond throughout the day.

I’ll be posting to snapchat (workdayrelease) a lot as well, so add me there if you haven’t already.

*Make sure you’re paying attention because we’ll be offering discount codesthroughout the live stream that will save you money on t-shirts, cds, posters, and other cool items in the store.


You ready? 

See you there!


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