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Being a professional musician was never a dream of mine as a kid. I didn’t grow up in a house that was constantly playing Bowie, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen or Michael Jackson. Honestly, I grew up to the sound of Lucille Ball’s voice and the soundtrack to the Nutcracker. Even more specifically, I grew up in a ballet studio watching my sister dance. This world’s influence on me as a young boy is most adequately summarized by a question I asked my father shortly after joining a soccer team for the very first time: “When do we get our costumes?”. It’s not that I wouldn’t consider myself creative. I would, I do and I am. It’s just that I never had that specific calling to music I’ve heard other artists speak about. I think this is what makes me feel unworthy of the title sometimes. Musician. Songwriter. Artist. Etc. I didn’t have any posters of bands on the wall of my room growing up. I didn’t dream of singing to thousands of screaming fans from a stage. I didn’t idolize the greats. 

However, I do find peace playing the simplest of notes alone at a piano. I feel a sense of forward momentum playing a solid groove on a drum set. I savor the intensity of an electric guitar and the intimacy of an acoustic. Every time I start writing lyrics, I can sense that I’m walking towards redemption. Every time I sing them, I claim it again.

Here I am, six records later, in the middle of the music industry, and in love with the process of songwriting.

My name is David and I create music under the artist name The Workday Release.