014 Opposites

//014 Opposites

014 Opposites

014 of Songs from a Sketchbook, Pt. 2 is called “Opposites” and you can check it out by clicking here.

Continuing with the challenge I set for myself to write songs about fictional characters based around the theme of isolation, Opposites tells the perspective of our mirror image selves. I think the relationship we have with our own reflection is fascinating. I thought a lot about insecurity, vanity and intimacy while writing these lyrics. Are you comfortable looking at yourself in a mirror? What’s your relationship like with your mirror image self?

You’re looking straight into my eyes

You touch your lips and I touch mine

You know I’ll do whatever you want me to

As long as you’re here looking at me


You paint me up red and tell me I’m pretty

But tomorrow you’ll forget and ask why I’m so ugly

You know me well, as well as I know you

Whenever you speak, I say the same


This morning you left me in a hurry

And around 2 o clock I saw you in passing

You caught my eye and I yours too

We smiled in peace and went on our way


We don’t have a choice, whatever we may be

The strongest of friends or the worst of enemies

We’ll change a few times every single year

On opposite sides of the same mirror

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