009 Closed Eyes

//009 Closed Eyes

009 Closed Eyes

009 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called “Closed Eyes” and you can check it out by clicking here.

If you could know for certain one thing about your future, what would it be?

I think how we answer that question really shows what we care about most.

Most of what I do throughout the day is in anticipation of and preparation for the future and I struggle with being present because of it. 

I watched this video recently where actor Jason Segel spoke about being present and he said, “I think you spend your twenties trying to get somewhere…like, I’m on the road to there. And then I think in my early thirties…you have this realization that there is no there, this imaginary there, it just keeps moving equidistant away from you, so what I realized at some point was I need to find a model that is sustainable where I’m not constantly feeling like I haven’t arrived yet, where I’m in a state of waiting for this thing to happen…like, you’re in it, right now…”

I relate to this.

I’m constantly focused on that next task, that event that’s right around the corner, that meeting that’s coming up, that goal I’m trying to reach, that dream I’m trying to fulfill. 

I know I’m not alone in this. 

Whether out of fear, or excitement, or most likely a combination of both, a lot of us are future obsessed.  

Lately, however, I’ve been trying to remind myself to appreciate the process in everything I do and experience because I have this tendency to want to fast forward. 

When I was recording 001, I couldn’t wait to be recording 010. 

That means that I couldn’t wait to be two months into the future. TWO MONTHS.

Do you ever feel like some days you wake up and then blink and realize you’re getting back into bed to go to sleep and the day just kind of escaped you? 

We have the ability to control how aware we are of the world around us.

I’ve tried to intentionally slow down my brain over the past few weeks because I believe life is found in the process and if I allow myself to become too concerned with what’s coming next, I’ll miss what’s happening now.  

009 is about me pumping my perspective brakes hard before 010 is released.

It’s about forcing myself to realize that as a human being, I have a limited view and can’t always see the bigger picture. And while it’s easy to become focused on looking ahead and getting somewhere else, it’s really important to close my eyes, take a breath and remind myself that I’m in it right now. 

Right. Now.

Your turn.

Close your eyes. 

Take a breath.

What might you be missing?


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