008 Waiting on the Weather

//008 Waiting on the Weather

008 Waiting on the Weather

008 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called “Waiting on the Weather” and you check it out by clicking here.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. 

I can’t tell you how many songs I’ve written with the word “waiting” in it. 

It’s my word. 

For eight years, I’ve struggled to make Workday…work.

I’ve started, stopped, changed, and quit a thousand times and I’m sure that hasn’t helped me in any way at all. 

But it’s hard! 

Just let me complain for a second before I start talking about this song that literally contains the lyric “I’m done with complaining”.


You spend hours and hours creating a song. You spend thousands and thousands of dollars delivering it to an audience. You have millions and millions of plays. 

And then you go to work as a bartender because while millions of plays are nice, they don’t pay your bills. 

It’s just how it is and I could spend a lot of time talking about the decline of the music industry but I really, really, really am done with complaining. 

No excuses.

What am I waiting for? I’m done waiting.

It’s within my power to change my situation and it’s within my power to make Workday work and damnit, I’m going to do it. 

008 is about committing myself to my dream of making music my full time job by putting in the work.

It hasn’t been easy, but I’m about to record 009 for Sketchbook this week and I am so proud of this project. 

I really do appreciate everyone that’s listening. 

You sharing what I do with others and you supporting me is worth so much.

What are your dreams? What are you waiting for?


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