006 Lost at Sea

//006 Lost at Sea

006 Lost at Sea

006 of Songs from a Sketchbook is called “Lost at Sea” and you check it out by clicking here.

I mentioned a tattoo I have of a sailboat in one of my first blogs called Rolling with the Waves.

The short story is I thought it was a good reminder that as human beings we can’t control what happens around us, but we can control how we react.  

This tattoo has another function I did not previously mention which is that if I ever get married, I plan on getting another sailboat tattooed next to it. 

I obviously have very specific views on marriage as you can tell by reading my blog for 003 Close. You might think after reading it that I don’t believe in marriage or want to get married myself, but you’d be wrong. I can voice every concern I have regarding marriage and still say that it’s something I want. 

I just believe it’s going to take a very, very, very specific person. 

Anyways, back to the tattoo.

I’m the kind of person that only takes seriously the things I take seriously. It doesn’t matter how important or sacred something is to someone else or any number of other people. I will still look at it and have to decide its worth for myself. 

So, I understand that for a very long time a wedding ring has represented the lifelong commitment between two people, but at the end of the day that’s all it is…a symbol. 

And it doesn’t matter how much you spend or what it’s made out of, a ring goes on as easily as it comes off. 

I’m not saying I won’t wear one some day, but I wanted something with meaning more unique to me and what I believe.

This song is about that side of my tattoo.

I’ve written a lot of love songs for Workday. For the most part, they’ve been songs for other people. I know Mr. & Mrs. Beautiful has been played at a lot of weddings. That blows my mind. When people tell me it was their first dance song, I have a hard time even understanding how something I created got to play that role in someone else’s life. 

It’s beautiful.

But it was always a song for someone else, for them, for you.

This song is for me, and I needed to write a love song for me. Most of Songs from a Sketchbook is pretty sad and vulnerable. This song is happy, but no less vulnerable. 

Because it’s not easy for me to voice openly what I hope for. 

What if I don’t get it?

Considering how honest I’ve been aiming to be with this project, it felt wrong to avoid expressing this side of my humanity. I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to distance myself from the guy who has a reputation for writing cheesy love songs because I wanted to be taken more seriously. 

But expressing hope, doesn’t make one weak. At least I think that’s what I’m learning as I’m writing this. 

So, 006 is a hopeful response to 003. 

One day, I hope I meet someone who makes me feel confident and excited about adding that second sailboat to my arm. 

A lifelong symbol for a lifelong commitment. 


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