002 Broken Glass

//002 Broken Glass

002 Broken Glass

“Broken Glass” is 002 of Songs from a Sketchbook and if you haven’t heard it yet, you can do so by clicking here.

I remember being a kid and any time I broke something made of glass my initial reaction was to start picking up the pieces with my hands. My mom would say, “No! Don’t touch it, just sweep it up!”. She explained how there were pieces so small and so sharp that I’d probably cut myself reaching for the bigger ones. 

Even now, I can hear her advice when I break something made of glass and although I do pick up some pieces with my hands because I’m a rebel who lives fast and reckless, she has been right a few times. And now I have to apply my own bandaids. 

Every once in a while, I write down a phrase for seemingly no apparent reason. It’s just in my head. For a while, I had these words in my phone –

“Who can save broken glass without losing blood?” 

It’s a simple set of words obviously inspired by my mother’s advice.

But then something will happen in my life and how I’m feeling will give new meaning to something I have written down in my phone. 

I went through a breakup recently and that phrase became –

“Who can save broken glass without losing blood or faith in love?”

The worst and best part about being human is all the intangible stuff that we can’t see but affects us so, so, so deeply.

I like to think I’m a logical person who acts rationally, but I can’t think myself out of feeling a certain way, even if I want to, even if I know it’s for the best.

This song is about feeling like a captive to my emotions. It’s about wanting to fix something I’m powerless to fix. 

I’m tempted to go in for the bigger pieces, but there are pieces I can’t see. Pieces that will harm me if I rush in because I’m impatient and want to move on.

There’s a line in the song that says “Here’s a lie, I’ll be fine, all these things just take time”.

That’s absolutely how we feel when we’re standing over a mess, unsure of what comes next. We can’t imagine things ever getting better.

I wanted to voice that. Feeling helpless. 

But it’s not a lie. 

I will be fine.

You will be fine.

Time really does pick up the pieces.

Big and small.


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